Natti Natasha appreciated the success of his latest film and has published a fragment of an unpublished very sensual


“What bad to you was” recent topics Natti Natasha exceeded 25 million views to Youtube, and had a very sensual.

Natti shared in his Instagram part of the movie where she sees herself in a bikini on pool and water falling on her like a waterfall.

Natti Natasha.

Video fragment of the unpublished official video for the subject in which Natti individually bikini red print bandana.

“And I wear, when 25 million people member of that ill you were on YouTube! Here is the exclusive edition that came out, but I liked it! Look no further and dedicate a theme on all digital platforms,” wrote to posteo.

More Natti Natasha

Natti Natasha.

Natti Natasha.

Natti Natasha (Instagram)

Natti Natasha.

Natti Natasha. (Instagram/@nattinatasha)

Natti Natasha (Photo: Instagram)

Natti Natasha.



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