Peter Damian broke the silence and protects Eiza González

Name Eiza González grabbed headlines in bygone days, not only because of the photos, which is something more romantic next to the actor Timothée Chalametbut a revival of those scenes, their names in the window a girl appears with makeup ‘blackheads’ in soap Opera Lola, a long time ago. However, the actress appealed to the public to give its sincere apology to the couple to explain what interpretation was given when she was 15 years old, and almost against his will. After these words, he broke the silence Pedro Damianwho in 2007 led the production of this series, to service version of the actress and at the same time protect her from any liability.



“First, what is most important. I would like to personally apologize and take responsibility for their decisions that scenes that appeared in the series Lolawith Eiza González as a hero…, “wrote Damian in the first lines of the press release, which gave to know through your social networks. “My actions stem from one place ignoracia and sensitivity problem that was not even addressed in my country…” – wrote it, taking a lot of samples and support from your followers, who also noted the considerable work that Eiza is playing as an actress.

In this place, is also a producer of other stories like Rebeltold the details around the scenes, and why requiriró that the actress will be maquillara thus, at the moment, though, and confirmed that he was crazy, that the choice which has caused a lot of controversy, which recently resurgieran of the photos in this section. “All this happened because in the history, the character, Lola, is deeply admired Celia Cruz and admire him to seduce his love interest. Again, it was knew very well, however, we did not have the education that we have now…“- he said.


Finally, Damian promised to take care of a strict message to each of the included in its submission shows a marked change in the way of thinking and respect for others. “From now on will be a priority for each project submitted to make decisions, conscious and educated…” he said, and then to focus on the support proved that Eiza, who from the beginning will be handled with all the transparency. “In accordance with the participation Eiza, she was a teenager, and he should not be held responsible for their actions. I think that Eiza believes that everything in life is import…“,- he added.

In a Mature response Eiza from our site

The most direct, Eiza celebrated in the past few days for this event to screen the girl, answering definitely dispute, giving my sincere apologies for what happened. “I deeply regret and I am ashamed to use makeup ‘blackheads’, as shown in the pictures that rotate. As a little girl, actress, 15 years at my first job in a Mexican soap Opera, I pressed down against my will and without any negotiations, could not defend himself in the situation. Sorry that I didn’t have at this moment a voice, and the knowledge that I have now,” – said the publication of Page Six, which also confirmed a strong position, which today rules in how to behave not only as profesuonal, but also as a person. “Will never participate knowingly in that he knew what was going to cause harm or pain to another person. More than a gesture, an apology, it is my responsibility to educarme yourself and use your voice to protect others. And again I’m sorry, deeply damaging someone,” he said.