place of groom of the rapper on his Instagram


It’s a classic: a pair of rocker-model will never fail. Same with high life expectancy, as Ringo Starr and Barbara Bach (1981); Keith Richards and Patti Hansen (1983), and Simon and Yasmin Le Bon (1985). And so idyllic, as David Bowie and Iman. Mick Jagger always was hooked on the catwalks, with Chrissie Shrimpton in 1963, their relationship of 20 years and four children with Jerry Hall he finished when he left pregnant in Brazil Luciana Jimenez and still Bebe Buell, Carla Bruni, Sophie Dahl and L’wren Scott. Bryan Ferry he left his conquest to the descendants of the Roxy Music discs: Jerry Hall (‘Siren’), Amanda Lear (“For your pleasure’), Marilyn Cole (‘Stranded’), Lucy Helmore (‘Avalon’). And Rod Stewart there are weaknesses with the cover of the magazine ‘Sports Illustrated’: Rachel Hunter, Kelly Emberg

Focus changed rockers and rappers models and “leaders’

But the fact that this formula works in reverse: for them before, as Kate Moss, exnovia from Pete Doherty and exmujer from Jamie Hince (the guitarist of the Kills). Heidi Klum, exnovia from Anthony Kiedis (the leader of the Red Hot Chili Peppers) and exmujer from Seal. Or Naomi Campbellthat in 1993, within a few months promised Adam Clayton. They met after U2’s bassist said in an interview: “if there is Something that I love, and I never did? Have a date with Naomi Campbell”.

These beings-psychologists partner, because one and the same world, the same holidays, the same ego, have fame, success and talent to what they do, understand their career, don’t compete with each other, and this universe of yours is charming, on the one hand spontaneous, on the other, seems to be working. At least for some time. All this to say that now the focus changes from rockers to frame the models ‘leaders’. Games like Kardashian and blogueras as Chiara Ferragni put the rapper in my life.

Fedez and Chiara Ferragni: “Ferragnez’, multinational viral

Web sites specializing in measurement and statistics conclude that this pair of Italians is the most influential in Instagram. There’s a lot to learn ‘Ferragnez’ (the name of her connection-the company ‘naming” all that is), he asks hands during a concert on TV in Verona, in front of thousands of fans; the holidays with his ‘squad’ (a retinue of friends who always accompanied them); the first pictures of her pregnancy (more than two million ‘likes’); bridesmaid dress; the birth of a child-Leone; wedding in Sicily… It ‘expert’ global, the most famous in the world, the first in the list ‘Forbes’. It all started with the fact that the blog The Blonde Salade, in 2009, and shortly thereafter was aupada in publications as ‘Vogue’, or ‘New York’ as “blogger of the moment”. At 31, working for a company that works with companies in “luxury” (worth eight million dollars) and has its own collection of shoes. It was a study in Harvard Business School. In Milan Fedez (29 years old) was a judge in ‘reality’ ‘X-Factor’ and after launching several albums with Sony, you got to print Newtopia.

Kardashian and West: how to do, partner, global product

The third time Kim Kardashian he married in 2014, he did it with one of the most famous rappers in the world, the father of three children, the manufacturer, designer and sympathetic trump,who visited in October in the oval Office in Breda to put before the cameras to talk about North Korea, race, and “male energy.” The West was seen as a presidential candidate, but no earlier than 2024 because still hopes that in new York, which was named a “hero”, follow the instructions in the White House. Their production to Jay-Z continued a successful solo career, and today, as you can see, it gives almost everything. Somehow, inexplicably, his wife is one of those phenomena of the Millennium development goals, of the 120 million followers on Instagram and ‘reality show’ is issued every year since 2007, which was supposed to raise the audience and, judging by his recent revelations: Kim admitted that I was in ecstasy, as on her first wedding as the sex video which became viral, it is already a few years ago, when it was intimate Paris Hilton. kijj

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott: love with selfis and “AutoConfig’

She is 21 years old and is open from 10 in front of the cameras in ‘reality’ family ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and its own in 2017. He grew up surrounded by luxury, aesthetic and private jets in Californiaand released several adventure companies, for example, a clothing line with her sister Kendall, your makeup or ‘app’ with millions of downloads in iTunes. In 2014, Time magazine included Jenner in the list of teenagers a greater impact. According to ‘Forbes’, is one of the smallest in the world, the condition of 930 million dollarsalthough “made-in-itself”, which was used by the magazine was very controversial, and the collection t-shirt ‘the Rock against. REP’ that Jenner was forced to retreat due to the failure of musicians, or dispute with Kylie Minogue for the use of his name. In emotional life, Kylie weakness rappers. After a relationship of three years, Tyga, started Dating Travis Scott (the father of her daughter, Stormi Webster), denim in Houston, who left the University to move to new York and realize his musical career, the whole ‘auto-tuning’ and ‘delays’. Mentor Kanye West, describes their style as a mix of “hip-hop and lo-fi”.

Kamilla Osman and Tyga: Kim bed that goes with ‘former’ Kylie

It was, without a doubt, one of the odd relationship: the rapper, who came with dual excuñada. It turns out that Tyga, boyfriend Kylie Jenner, sister Kim Kardashianand the next pair for sure (after several operations) in the most famous Saga. So that even appeared in an episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” in 2016, to the surprise of Kim. Or, perhaps, was not so surprised because Blac Chyna, also expareja from Tyga and the mother of his son, had, in turn, the daughter of Robert Kardashian, proving that inbreeding clan K has no boundaries. In General, professional, Michael ray Stevenson (aka Tyga, a nickname that comes from Thank You God Always)California origin, Jamaican and Japanese, has collaborated with Chris brown, who says: “a Big part of my fame must do for him, it is a great friend.”

Bella Hadid & The Weeknd: 40 million ‘witnesses’ before the wedding

Maybe this model-specialist-instagramer 22 years (from 21 million followers on Instagram), and this musician 28 (19 million) in marriage in the near future. Along with 2015, although he left for several months, when he came out of Selena Gomez, and shared the stage on the catwalk of Victoria’s Secret. She is the daughter of Dutch model and entrepreneur of Palestine. He grew up together with his brothers (Gigi, also a model, and Anwar) in Rancho Santa Barbara on horseback. He left school and shooting for the podium, but wants retomarlos in the future. A critical immigration policy trump, Beautiful, said, feel “proud” to be a Muslim and the story of his father, a refugee, Syria before moving to the United States. This is called Abel Tesfaye, was born in Toronto, parents Ethiopians, speaks Amharic fluently, thanks to her grandmother, the letters of drugs (“my youth was a similar story in “Children” without AIDS”), and he left school to devote himself to music. It began R&B. After deferred three songs on YouTube in 2010, was a pop star of hits from Ariana Grande, Lana del Rey Beyoncéy.