Rob Kardashian does something infuriating Blac Chyna

If you thought that the great confrontation Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian over, then you are wrong!

In accordance with TMZ this past Sunday a team of lawyers Kardashian and China gathered to discuss who gets custody of Dreamdaughter what they have in common Rob and China.

However Lisa Bloomlawyer Blac Chyna he denies that the meeting was something to see with under small but confirmed that next month will be the audience about order charges ex-stripper, designer socks violence in the family.

According to eyewitnesses, China thought, when I saw Rob in the car, which gave him what he was trying to get in the car to takewhat in the end hinders a few people, including lawyers.

New acusasiones state Blac Chyna Rob Kardashian

Now the former couple divides storage Dreambut court of domestic violence even in flight it is difficult to predict what will be the future legal a small.

Some measures claim that the relationship between the two is very difficult and that Rob you are trying to stay away from the headlights, until cancelled. They also claim that China for their part, seem to be in a new relationship with the rapper Mechie.

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