Santiago Salviche, king video of Latinos in the United States. USA, online classes with the study of Paulsen | social network | Entertainment


In The Study Paulsen will present tomorrow, 19:00, new session of the virtual space Conversatorios home through your account in Instagram. The guest of this live feed will be Spanish Santiago Salviche, internationally known for his work as a music video Director for artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and Pablo Alborán.

Marlon PantaleonStudio Manager at Paulsen and the driver of the talk shows, indicates that Salviche will decide how to apply the technique Meissner in such an important activity in which the mixture of art, music, and theatre in video, which can be considered short videos of high quality. In addition, he was Director of the first series of science fiction ‘Vita Nova’.

“For a long time did not come, performing their work in social networks. I wrote to ask to participate in this meeting online The study of Paulsen and agreed in a very good form”, – said Panteleimon.

Salviche has helped many Latin rhythms are fashionable in the United States. This explains that in the show after the first half of the Super Bowl last February 2, stars was Shakira, and Jennifer Lopez. “A few years ago no one would have thought that Latin was to infiltrate the event, which takes place on the planet”, – said the Director in every day at Noon homeland, the province of Malaga.

The author first worked as an engineer on an oil rig, after which he was sent to New Orleans. Used his presence in the United States to connect to the globe theatre in California, because he wanted to be an actor. But soon opened his own producer), which was one of his first clients, Mariah Carey, why they came, the artists the Latin, which included videos of the duets, like Ricky Martin and Maluma (“Come pa ‘ca”, 2016) or Enrique Iglesias and Descemer Bueno (“We
we were away”, 2017).

The ascent took him with Jennifer Lopez, for those who worked in the direction of the music video topics The ring (2018) for which JLo was in the Empress Dorada. “(Jennifer) came to you looking for something different and better than the previous, and I came across a man who risks all that pushed me to be better, because if I worked 16 hours a day, it was 16 and the media,” said South.

In addition, the fitness recently realized his dream and made his debut in the series in the series ‘Nova Vita’ (2020). “It was a chance I was expecting – recognized Salviche, who in this production for streaming he worked with the actors, Thomas Beaudoin (The Blacklist), Dean Norris, Raymond Cruz (both from Breaking Bad) and Steven Baldwin.

Members who connect tomorrow this session Conversatorios home, Studio Paulsen, learn more about all of these productions. (And)