Sara Sampaio, breathtaking in a bikini and without makeup


Compliments don’t have to wait long before last sat in Sara Sampaio on the beach. In Angel Portuguese signature of linen Victoria’s Secret and also, the actress he wanted to see all his followers his image is more natural in a bikini without makeup making the honor of his most close person, who brought it to share with all fans of his uncertainty about how his the fight against depression. These images on the shirts is the opportunity to show their incredible anatomy after a conversation recently physical changes, a little bit of weight, and inner beauty is very fresh. “Beautiful” or “sincere” some of the winners who got their pictures on the seafront after signing in Los Angeles.

Sara Sampaio in bikiniVIEW GALLERY

Look in California crop top and bikini

Three images are those that accompany bungalows, beach angel, the Portuguese, which ended 29 years on July 21. In this trio of photographs taken in relation to the horizon, painted in a beautiful sunset, we can see its appearance is very old, consisting of t-shirt cut yellow Livincool (signature-based Italian photographer Emanuele d’angelo and headquartered in Los Angeles) and braguita bikini pink color chewing gum with lacing at the hips. “Yesterday I saw the sunset is very beautiful,” – says the model in those photos that already collect more than 900 comments on your Instagram profile.

Sara Sampaio in bikiniVIEW GALLERY

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A few days ago, and, following the example of sincerity, which led to support that he suffered from depression and anxiety, as tricotilomanía (conduct disorder, repetitive that makes running a hair), the Victoria’s Secret model told without embellishment of his weight gainespecially in these last months, the proposals which have been amended throughout the world today. After a small comment on the physical changes, good mood, embraced his word in the message, published on the historical ephemera of your profile in Instagram: “you Know what you are talking about height-wise? That your Breasts will be more. So I’m just trying to figure out what I want more: in the abdomen or chest?”.

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Sara Sampaio (July 21, 1991, “Port”) is one of angels the iconic Victoria’s Secret after signing as a representative of the company linen in 2015 (previously it was desfilado in 2013 and 2014 for the company show per year). But his dream was always to become an actress. “I have a model accidentally after the victory in the contest. I wanted to be an actress, and I thought that presentándome this choice will be a good way to open the door of interpretation. After the contest I was offered after models. And I said Yes. I saw what appeared to be a much more simple because I didn’t know what to say on camera, no need to memorize long dash (laughter)… and found it very fun” he said in 2014. And your dreams become a reality, because after a few scenes interpretándose herself, and a brief role in the series Billions (2017), Portuguese made his film debut in the role of Anna in the movie Loadthe new name directed by Bruno Gascon. After will participate in a short silence, Francisco Froes and earrings premiere of two new works in the film: Dreamland and Shadows.



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