she lost the baby


“It is important to show the truth, because my job is to help people, to be real and open. Besides, I don’t feel shame to share this experience with you“he promised Hilaria Baldwin on his account on Instagram a few days ago, when the diagnosis that she is pregnant for the fifth time, but it was unlikely that the child came forward.

Indeed, their fears were justified, because yesterday, accompanied by the gentle image of family, wife Alec Baldwin confirmed with a feeling of sad news news. “No strikes today in my ultrasound… so this is the end… but I have a few bumps in a very strong and amazing, here. I’m surrounded by love, and I feel very happy,” insisted on Mallorca.

Their more than 500,000 followers was very earrings pregnancy expert in yoga and she wanted to thank them for all for the support“Thank you all for your attention, for your support and to share their own stories. We are stronger together…,” wrote Baldwin.

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A few hours before the arrival of medical, Hilaria participated as a guest in ‘Today Show’ NBC, where he decided to explain why he decided to reveal that may lead to miscarriage. “It wasn’t easy. I understand, and I wanted to come out and say it, because this is something that many people face. When we take parents, we must recognize what is good and what is bad. We must open our hearts and realize that there will also be a difficult time,” he said.

Spanish and exmarido from Who ??????????25 years older than her, they met in 2011, is a vegetarian restaurant in Manhattan, and love comes at first sight. They were married a year later and in 2013 received the first daughter Carmen Gabriela. They have three children: Rafael, Leo and Romeo.

Hilaria caused very positive changes in my lifeI thought I wouldn’t find anyone else, so I decided to marry her. And now I’m married, that to me is amazing,” he admitted.



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