She Paulina Sodi, the niece Talia, what wins in the US


Polina soda is a family Camille and Thalia Sodi (Photo: Instagram@paulinasodi)
Polina soda is a family Camille and Thalia Sodi (Photo: Instagram@paulinasodi)

As a singer Waistas various members of his family are well known in Mexico for his career in the entertainment industry. His sister is in dispute, the actress Laura Zapata, during one of his famous niece is the actress and singer, Camila Sodi.

But there is another member of your family who has caught my attention lately, his second niece: Paulina Sodi. It daughter Manuela Sodi, cousin Talia. A colleague a few years ago, he worked in USA as a journalist and the conductivity of the news.

She was born November 15, in Mexico, Paulina Sodi grew up on their mother’s example, as a journalist, and this has led to the development of the passions, which led gradually to the same breed. In addition, the advantage is that he started work within the funds, which were 15 years old.

“When I was little, my mom was a program, radio interview…and sometimes, when they were characters of youth, my mom tells me to help him with an interview, and so I started opor”, – explained in the blog Protect.

Focus my talent for journalism (Photo: Instagram@paulinasodi)
Focus my talent for journalism (Photo: Instagram@paulinasodi)

So began his path in a more professional note, when I was mileage communication Sciences at the Intercontinental University (UIC) his hometown.

Due to its the experience at such a young age, in 2006, became the leading News channel in the Mexican Project 40part one of the rows, known in Mexico TV Azteca. There he was the owner of a different information space.

But I disagree with just a driver’s license, at the time of his career on television, Sodi happened some films, documentary and scientific-research work: “Women in the army” and the city from the water”.

However, the Soda I was looking for, but the problem is that in 2013, he left Mexico city to move to Houston, Texas, USA and to join the ranks Telemundo. This movement seemed to bear fruit, it is very important, so the following year he received his first nomination for an Emmy for the report made on human trafficking. .

Is the winner of many awards (Photo: Instagram@paulinasodi)
Is the winner of many awards (Photo: Instagram@paulinasodi)

But I didn’t have to worry, because a year later, in 2015he was nominated again for his work in a special Message, called “the 2,288 km Children Anyone,” and where he won his first Emmy.

And in the following year are nominated again, but this time with two awards. First, there was an inquiry in “Secrets Of Virgin Brunette“and the second was in his report, preliminary discussion of candidates for President from the Republican Party. Sodi won both Emmywhat, in General, Yes, a total of three awards, in their work.

Also has The Excelsis Award awarded the Global Quality Foundation in the category ” Revelation and Wireless Golden microphone the best, electroconductive, which was awarded the National Association of Speakers in Mexico.

In addition, the Soda was the leading message segment in the program “New Day.” And, in line with its core interests, he wants that television in the US is more open to the Spaniard.

“I think Spanish is the most important group of the population (USA). I think that needs to be taken into account more seriously. At the moment I think it’s discrimination that the Spaniard. Something’s going on, very interesting people, the Spaniards, whose children don’t speak Spanish, this does not mean that they are not interested in the problems of their families,” he explained in his blog.


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