Siddhartha and Ken meet Pasillas confirmation from Yuya


Jorge Siddhartha Ibarra Gonzalezthe guy’s name who stole the heart of our beloved “Yuyita”. A few more minutes the blogger, who lives it was just that shared the news that she was with a musician.

However, between the differences of views and hundreds of memes, which caused a story from the famous youtuberthere are hundreds of people waiting for the reaction of his new partner Siddharthaand it exnovio, Ken Pasillas. WHAAAT?

It turns out that the first that the signal was Ken. In exnovio from Yuya rose several stories account Instagramtwo hours after beauty blogger who lives proving his new engagement.In one video, you can watch regiomontano playing with Conchita and Thomasthe puppies, which were also “in guapurita”.

Best memes: Yuya confirms their relationship with Siddhartha and memes, you cannot resume

Even in order to show that both puppies are the most happy in his direction, Pasillas he began to tell his fans about his beard and why he decided to cut it; everything related to the premiere “Marlene”the song, which will debut as a singer next Friday. OMG!

After the completion of the counting, thanks his supporters for the messages that you sent, ending with “all right,”. What he had in mind the message that it exnovia gave through his stories a few hours before?

But that’s not all, because Siddhartha he shared a photo in Instagram, where gratitude for the good Vibes. We believe that this good vibes what he received last night that a formal relationship.

Good day to all and thanks to those who sent him good energy!

We don’t know whether these pictures, which Mariand proud to be a partner, will decorate to feed their profiles.

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