So it Aleira Avendaño, the girl who will replace Roberto Garcia


Aleira is a Venezuelan and the main difference with the Manuel consists of 38 rooms, which was introduced to have its own pattern.

Eric Medina

Yanet Garcia out of gear the next year; however, the issue of the morning already, in advance of her replacement in Aleira Avendañothat is known as the “Queen of mini waist”.

Both leading match in 29 years, but in the case of Aleira his figure was produced with operation in several parts of the body such as the nose, mouth and chest.

A bold belt that requires venozalana it was also hard because he’s used for nine years, and in 23 hours the corset Punisher, which is only removed at the time of bathing.

Yanet Garcia leave Mexico city to live in USA with her boyfriend, the athlete Lewis Howes. With this announcement, there were many conversations with the man who will take his place, I doubt that today seems to be borrowed with the presence of Aleira Avendaño.



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