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In March 2016 actress Melissa Benoist was in Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon with ready answers. He was swollen on the left of the pupil, and it showed. Leading wanted to ask, for the eyes. She wanted to put them a beautiful smile to hide the truth: “My dog didn’t stop, and I did tropezarme, I fell down the stairs and I choqué against the pot where I hit my eye.” But in case the actual was not a dog, no stairs, no crash. Were the wounds from an abusive relationship for three years after he decided to disclose to throw the message: “I Want to empower other women to seek help and get rid of”.

“Life is not what it seems”, – wrote in Supergirl TV, 31 years old, the introduction of a detailed video-14 minutes in Instagram. This eye was hit, was that he did not look back. Your partner threw away the phone, that broke his nose and bloodied his face. She decided to leave: “I’ve experienced this type of sexual partner. I never thought that it will be so less is revealed this way in a vacuum.” And also provided the hero: “In the beginning was not sharp. He was cute, funny, funny, manipulative, cunning…”. The actress did not give names, although it was not difficult to fit in the description of his exmarido, actor Blake Jenner, who he met in the series Gleewho was divorced by the end of 2016, which corresponds to the profile that I described.

Gradually, this man was given the envy of colleagues in the screen, pushed her, not what worked in other projects, espio, and began to insert: “I asked to get me change of clothes that I had not considered, and was angry because he was talking with others, but in the beginning not seen it abused. The first time he insulted her words and actions was five months old when she threw a drink in his face. I was worried that manchara sofa that I ( … ), After each beating, I was immersed in the bath to beg my pardon, and the tears began to autoflagelación typical criminal.”

Overdose of Cory Monteith, and in his view

Benoit came to Glee in 2012, at the age of 23 years, in the fourth season. Next to her was Jenner, who is 20 years old, won reality where to find the singers, to the music Institute. Was a new pair of character, substitutes another painful affair, and front and rear cameras, derived from Lea Michele and Cory Monteith, which had just finished. Their relationship is a long time to come to reality.

Mark Salt, Naya Rivera and Cory Monteith.

Mark Salt, Naya Rivera and Cory Monteith.

Just a year after the new couple will join the series, Monteith died of an overdose of heroin and alcohol that we have experienced as suicide. Was 31 years old and a few months before he is in the clinic for rehabilitation after a long history of drug addiction. Lea Michele in the near future to get back to work, to share the pain with hands during a tribute episode in which the character of the actor, Finn, died, too. When he finished the series in 2015, Michelle fell into the great depression. His music career never finished, as I expected.

It was the first drama that will live on, the young cast, which seems to be cursed. Best friend Monteith in the books, mark Saling (puck), committed suicide in January 2018, and I waited in jail for possession of 50 000 images and 60 videos of child pornography offenses who have been found guilty. Three years ago, in addition, agreement was reached on the trials of nearly three million it exnovia, after he was convicted, accusing him of raping doesn’t want to use protection. It was not the only case of violence: Naya Rivera (Santana presenter), was also arrested in 2017 for the attack on his expareja, actor Ryan Dorsey, in a dispute over custody of his son.

'The Flash' and 'Supergirl'.

‘The Flash’ and ‘Supergirl’.

Although he did not come to court, Rivera said in his memoirs that one of the major conflicts during the filming Glee it was his ardent relationship with Lea Michele that “didn’t want to share the laurels”. The Creator of the musical, Ryan Murphy, even joked that it was this battle that inspired him to create a series The feudwhere it talks about the rivalry between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.

Michele, Becca Tobin, Heather Morris and myself Melissa Benoist were victims, the public Hack photos intimate in Hollywood. In the photos, Benoit appeared a couple of things with a partner that can quietly in your career not to meet Supergirl.

Fortunately, not all the inheritance Glee it is in the shadow of scandals. Series created by Murphy and brad Falchuck (which met my now wife Gwyneth Paltrow there is also created a successful career Darren criss, impressive as the killer Versace American Crime Story and ready to play that new screenwriter in Netflix; and Jonathan groff, hero Mindhunter, Kristoff in Frozenand Broadway star, thanks Hamilton and, currently, Shop horror. Also Grant Gustin, another of the young singers, accompanied by Benoit as a superhero in the DC house The Flash for seven years.

Because the hero Supergirl maybe it’s part of heritage to draw controversy Gleebut embracing the opportunities that give you become premium Superman without fear of damage to the franchise. His performance was known, for example, with her current husband, Chris wood. Benoit tour today his voice, thanks to this popularity, and does it to help other women in the same situation, and, incidentally, become protective, fiction and reality, feminism. He will be an outstanding poster during the women’s movement in 2017: “Hey, Donald, don’t try to use my vagina; made of steel”.