Taylor swift warns Donald trump, who in November will be IN IMPARTIAL

United States.- Taylor swift has released the disgust he felt at the words of Donald trump tweets’ When the robbery starts shooting”, in relation to the current situation, who lives in Minneapolis because of the protests that arose after the death of George Floyd in the hands of the police.

Singer approved the deprivation of the right to the words of the President of the United States of America, and noted that the head of state will leave for his post in the month of November, that is the upcoming elections.

“Then light the fire of white supremacy and racism in any of his presidency that has the audacity to pretend moral superiority to threats? ‘When the robbery starts shooting? You can votaremos in November. @realdonaldtrump’, he said.

These words are stronger than Swift about trump, who has previously expressed his feelings in relation to the management of the range of measured values, talking with the President and his administration, mainly in issues related to LGBT rights.

Documentary this year, “Miss American” presented to Swift to negotiate with to be more open, politically, against the advice of some in his camp.