The crisis in the lands of the infinite trailer premiere of the first Arrowverse crossover | Superman | The Flash | DC Comics | YouTube | Photo


All this time, DC Comics was able to use ilusionar for their companies, of these new productions like ‘The Flash’, ‘Green Arrow’ or ‘Supergirl’. Now, the company has surprised everyone with this new crossover, which will soon be released.

After the publication of Brandon Routh, the actor who plays ‘Superman’ showed cable instagram the photo with the two super-heroes, well-known in the world of DC: Grant Gustinthat game is a ‘Flash’ and Tyler Hoechlin who also plays ‘Superman’.

Now, the series, referred to above, together with ‘Batwoman’ and “Legends of Tomorrow’ will be collected again, because every day you show a hint of what awaits them in the future DC.

In the end, TV The CWshowed the first image, which will be released on December 8th.

– What is the “crisis in the land of the infinite”?

This event back in 1985, where, for example, for the first time in the comics that event, combining several characters from different universes, and the event has a large audience size, introducing a significant milestone for the company. Consisted of 12 volumes.



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