The secret of the legendary sneakers in the fashion world


Does not matter to time with or trends that afloren in the industry, there are some details that I never, repeat, never go out of fashion and, therefore, has been recognized worldwide as icons. And streetwear and his image were born a few of these emblems.

Today we want to talk about the model of the legendary places where you can sneakers one that can go from decade to decade to become important, all the cabinets and inspire stars, royals and connoisseurs like no other. You know what we mean All Star, Converse, those established in our lives since ancient times and are a style icon.

The most sold models from Converse. (Unsplash)
The most sold models from Converse. (Unsplash)

Its incontestable there Princess Leonor, journalist Sara Carbonero actress Sarah Jessica Parker, model Kaia Gerber, specialist in Chiara Ferragni or singer Rihanna. As you can see, one color and a large group of people who wear with pride this pair like no other. These are just a few…

Sarah Jessica Parker walking around Converse. (Getty)
Sarah Jessica Parker walking around Converse. (Getty)

And so if you look closely, it’s not what shoes, canvas shoes, but it’s in their fine detail, high white rubber sole where success Converse. These are stories that are hidden behind.

Although the brand Converse as such originated in 1908 in Massachusetts, it was not until 1917 when I had classic Slippers. Designed in the beginning, that luciesen players on the basketball team that patrocinaba the signature of one of them by name Converse All Stars, he was a few years later, in 1921when Chuck Taylor, player, basketball, joined the team of designers and encumbró model as we know it today.

Sneakers Converse. (Unsplash)
Sneakers Converse. (Unsplash)

He Chuck Taylor added a few big improvements, such as the patch, which protects the ankle, and there will be a new pair of shoes is a must in the schools basketball USA is not worth anything.

Within a few years a large number of professional players who died in them and were almost must contain the name Chuck Taylor to the curb with Slippers. Shortly thereafter, it was used of athletes, the Americans in Olympic Gamesand even soldiers in The Second World War, proving that his adaptability has no limits, to such an extent that today a living icon of fashion.



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