The woman rejected in “Chapo”, and as for his arrogance

Once, in a Chapo” threw her in hundreds of colors with an airplane (Fotoarte: Jiovani Silva)

A White Trail Of Penha Garcia was officer de Compostela, in the state of Nayarit, but I never thought that the holiday will change your life.

This holiday season, I met a man named Joaquin Guzman Loera, better known as el Chapothe founder of the Sinaloa Cartel, who fell in love with her at first sight.

But what he didn’t like the drug dealer admitted it was then that the woman turned him down after all, he was not ignorant who he was, nor the kind of activity in which engaged.

Ex-prisoners, deputies, beauty Queens: a list of women
Ex-prisoners, deputies, beauty Queens: a list of women “Chapo” (Photo: archive)

This is the first failure, as told by journalist Gerardo Reyes characteristic circuit Univision, it was not enough to repel Guzman Loera that I was not used to women rejecting him.

In the intelligence cooked to purchase in Mazatlan on July 11, 2015, scientists have recorded how from the weakness of Capo in “the need for female company”, together with “love the convenience” and “I love holidays”.

This he proposed to make the Track, but he was rejected again and again in accordance with the documents of the security Cabinet, advice on the USA circuit.

In desperation el Chapo thrown out of a plane hundreds of flowers that grew only on his wife’s attempts to escapebecause I didn’t want to mess with the offender.

Guzman Loera found a Trail, when I was 30 years old (Photo: Ministry of Justice/ Univision/ file)
Guzman Loera found a Trail, when I was 30 years old (Photo: Ministry of Justice/ Univision/ file)

Guzman Loera it was 30 years, and won’t take ” no ” for an answer, so decided secuestrarla and to oblige her to have a long-term relationship. In the face of threats, White has agreed to be with him, fearing.

They say that they have had no children, although the safety reports notes that from this Union two children were born: Desiree Trail and a man, both are the name of the drug dealer confessed.

Authorities experienced partner to know their role in a criminal organization, but it turned out that she was a stranger in the illegal activities of Guzman Loera.

Despite all of this, trying to win her the drug dealer admitted he lost interest in the relationship, and he left that woman outdoors with his two sons.

From this time A white Trail was left in secret, away from the activities of the Sinaloa Cartelhowever, at the time, a drug dealer confessed he was free, women would receive pensions.

Seven women Chapo

“El Chapo” Guzman is now responsible one sentence to a life sentence in the US (Photos, video Telemundo)

According to reports of the Intelligence Department of the Federal Government in addition, he had three married couples, a drug dealer confessed at least, retained the relationship with four other womenthose who were her lovers.

El Chapo between 15 and 23 children all of these womennot counting the Pink Royal, the supposed daughter of Guzman Loera that procreo with a teacher with whom participated in the late seventies in Guadalajara, Jalisco, depending on the research conducted in this section. However, Guzman Loera always denied his paternity.

Finding their marriage, Joaquin Guzman Loera I got remarried for the first time, Maria Alexandria Salazar Hernandezwhere and with whom was Ivan Archivaldo, Jesus Alfred in Alexandria Giselle and Caesar Guzman Salazar, who is his older children.

Ovid and Ivan Archivaldo, two sons Guzman Loera (Photo: archive)
Ovid and Ivan Archivaldo, two sons Guzman Loera (Photo: archive)

He married Gisela Lopez Perez, with whom procreo on Ovid, who was recently detained and released by the Mexican Government; in Giselle, which has clothing lines and accessories, the name of his father, Joaquin; and Edgar Guzman Lopez, who was killed in 2008 in Culiacan, Sinaloa.

And the third and the current marriage was ex-beauty Queen Emma Coronel Aispurowith whom he had twins Emmaly and Mary.

Although not married her to son with the former Deputy Guadalupe Lucero Sanchezcurrently, production in the United States and in whose existence he appeared, in the course of the trial to a drug dealer, admitted that he had also published, the name Agustin Cabanillaanother of her lovers.

The day of the conquest Guzman Loera ended in June 2019, when he was sentenced to life imprisonment in the United Statesbecause he spends his days in prison ADX Florence, prison is considered to be safer, UNITED Stateswhere, according to his lawyer, not to chat with anyone because the guards don’t understand Spanish, it takes twenty three hours a day in a prison cell, where you can leave only one hour a day for sunbathing in the back yard, in a cage.

Has a lot of contacts with women, because after half a year of imprisonment, on Christmas day visited for the first time his current wife and their twins.


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