There will be a lecture on free tools for learning and development of children in house-Lima


This quarantine, the parents perform the role of further implementing the educational process of their children. For many, this can be tedious, therefore at this stage the role and the teacher’s instruction becomes important.

In order to help parents in this new experience, Casuarinas Connector Yes chat is free online at various stages of child development from the perspective of cognitive and socioemocional.

Parents will learn to understand how children see the world, so that little to recognize their emotions and properly Express it.

The conversation will be Director adriana Contreras and Mariana Salazar, psychologist and psychotherapist, which may be offered parents various strategies and tools that help regulate, control and Express their emotions and their children, especially at this stage, “quarantine”.

School for Parents will begin tomorrow at 8:00 p. m. More information on Instagram nidocasuarinaspe.



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