We already know what is the shade of the hair trends for summer


The shade of hair the stars of this year are Emily Ratajkowski, Kaia Gerber and Kylie Jenner, and it’s time that you think.

We already know what is the shade of the hair trends for summer

24 Jun 2020

And so, in the middle of the prison, this hair shade have already been crowned as the favorite of the year. It is a bright platinado, color, just new Emily Ratajkowski and Kylie Jenner but Kaia Gerber was already made few weeks ago. Change look in Kylie, and we are not surprised, because I learned tons in the previous cases, except that, as a rule, for coloring hair permanently. But Emily and Kai, in look looks completely different, and it’s a good inspiration for those with dark hair who want to try the shades of light changing the endpoint.

Although, we can associate a color with a warm station; and that the hair platinada reflects sunlight and gives a glow on his face.

The blond almost like classical Hollywood, and we dare to say that is synonymous with elegance. How to forget about Marilyn Monroe and a way to catch him by the mane platinada? The legendary actress has made in the tone of her hair, the symbol of the individual, catapultándolo in their visual interpretation as Lorelei Lee Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

In the second decade of the XXI century, color comes to stay again. Is there a better way lucirlo? Along with semi-or lob.

You already have a list to replace the effect?

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