Which vessels ‘Bob’ is better depending on your groups? Stylists answer

Cutting supports a variety of long. To microbob on long Bobyou can wear it with a selected line for the selected ear to the clavicle. “It’s a matter of taste, although long, is suitable for all types of factions. The secret to a good lob it is based on the height more flattering for any woman. Sometimes it can be to the environment, the neck, and in other cases, frozen shoulder: it is important to calculate the exact ratio necessary for the characterization,” says Eduardo Sanchez, who adds that the time to plan, it is important to take into consideration the natural hair texture, so that if it dries in the air will not be able to perch on the shoulders, but he stops before the tip the Rice on the outside. “So, you use the drop and cutting effect” softens. “Most women starting in long Bob in order not to be suddenly so short, and so from month to month are humiliating this Bob” says Diana Daureo based on my experience at the salon. Isaac came to us, too, speaks of them, it is the attitude to make the choice in favor of one or the other length: In the case Bob, we’re talking about sensuality, femininity, audacity… Yet Long Bob (at shoulder height) is the best choice for a careless approach, free and natural.”