Why Hailey Baldwin is not in compliance with the quarantine, if you have just returned from a trip to Italy?


Hailey Baldwin he returned to the United States on Saturday, after passing a few days in Italy we are working on a new advertising campaign Versace. Although it was believed that the model of 23 years in quarantine to travel in the middle pandemic from the coronavirus (COVID-19), did not happen. Stopped on the streets of Los Angeles, making life normal as if I never left the country.

Monday, June 29, the top model was seen leaving Beachwood Studios. Looked chest hooded grey “Wellness”, a pair of sweatpants and Slippers white. Used closed mouth blue disposable mask as protection against an epidemic of a new virus. In accordance with the health records, even if the person has no symptoms of the disease, if it is outside of the country and its return should be quarantined to prevent infection and the spread of the virus.

But Baldwin watched quietly. Even on the same day was captured in a different place, but according to happened. Wife Justin Bieber, 26, appeared in ripped jeans, neck, tortoise, black, camel coat, white Nike sneakers and closed mouth mask, clothing collection of the singer, drew House. The Governor Of California Gavin Newsommade masks from cloth and covers for the face are required for all outputs with the public from 18 June.

Yes, everywhere!

It is also reported that on the same day left the city angelina on a private plane with his “Oscar” for Maltese Yorkie on your hands. However, in social network showed workout with coach Kevin Mejia in the fitness center Dogpound. The supermodel appeared coaching with surgical mask and a blue shirt, and green leggings military. His duties should keep themselves in shape and take care of your body becomes thin.

Still not appeared on the latest pictures with Justin. If it is good the weekend shared a few sweet photos of canadian artist, the images are on an excursion trip, what they did to Utah two weeks ago. The pair was set for more than two months in Canada, but returned to Los Angeles in may, let’s assume, for starters, return to Work calendar, although it still remains ralentizada.



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