With this makeup trick, you get your eyeliner to look good


After some time, Katie Jane Hughes, makeup artist names Ashley Graham, Kate Bosworth and Hailey Baldwininterestingly, with some makeup trick new his account in Instagram. Latest shows the keys to look the eyeliner is the perfect classic in a few minuteswithout pine bridge, don’t even need to use utensils weird. In fact, to get this appearance eyes just need eyeliner, so mirror and a little patience.

In winged eyeliner (the one in which the wing or tail is drawn more and more) ideal for open view and make the eyes seem bigger. And although the theory says that for a lucirlo just draw uplink map-basedyou must have enough skills to be impeccable.

However, with the recommendations of the experts, it seems that it is less difficult to get professional decorating. She advises make a line in small strokes on only one. Thus easier to fix all errorsbecause it is sufficient to remove only a portion and not the entire panel. Katie claims that work this way you can easily go back, or to add a little more pigment if this is necessary, because it’s always much easier to put on than to remove.