Your worst nightmare a reality: ‘the moth’ in Instagram delete account

Over the last few days, some users were affected “error” in Instagram, but everything is under control

AFP/Getty Images

If your Instagram account was deleted within the last 48 hours, and there was no reason; but all will be well.

Some users have adopted networks-Twitter — in order to show your anger after the fact that between Wednesday and Thursday this week, your account was deleted for no reason. Before Instagram replied that it was error I blocked the account, but they return, their owners gradually.

“We understand ‘error’, which is the reason that some users lost access to their accounts”, – said the press-Secretary of the Instagram CNET. “We are working to resolve it as soon as possible”.

The vortex started at the same time actor Rob Kardashian have lost access to your account Instagram in those days, and after a dispute with former partner Blac Chyna. Instagram abolished access to a member of the Kardashian family to publish intimate photos of his former partner.

On Thursday evening, billing, back into the hands of users, but not before they scare you can’t share photos of their food and their kittens.

Not surprisingly, Instagram had closed the account Kardashian. Social network photos and videos, has become one of the most involved in the protection of users the use of filters, and even artificial intelligence.

Look at this:

Instagram is almost like Snapchat