7 oddities from his wedding, which we will not forget

Ivanka Trump live one week, more interesting life. After the haircut, coinciding with a meeting of the most unbelievable stories – round table with Ana Patricia Botin– this Friday marriage Kushner nevertheless, congratulations: today, October 25, perform 10 years of marriage.

Anniversary for all that high that they have already started to celebrate by sharing some other way completely on this great day, which Donald trump jumped into the house through the window. His beloved daughter he married a great game (not like it, of course) and left nothing in the tank with ink.

Now, “3.652 days, 3 amazing and curious children, countless adventures, UPS and downs, laughter, love and Smoking”, it 7 attractions that are worth remembering today which, no doubt, was the beautiful wedding of the decade:

1. Wedding dress

One of the things that will cost us forget this gorgeous wedding dress that is chosen Ivanka on your big day. More modest than we expected, chose a dress designed for her Vera Wang covered in lace with tulle train, in accordance with the circumstances and a simple white veil with rhinestones and details. Simple, which has been his style so far.

Ivanka trump with his vestidazo Vera Wang. (Getty)
Ivanka trump with his vestidazo Vera Wang. (Getty)

Completed the look with diamond jewelry and mane midi-let it tangle with the waves in the Hollywood style of the 50-ies. Today he would in marriage. We, more or less as did her daughter-in-law Karlie Kloss in the past year. What is the inspiration or coincidence? What do you believe?

2. Jared didn’t lift a finger

“I put so much time and effort into the development of the ring is more suitable for me now, sitting in the back seat enjoying while I ride the rest of the parts!”, admitted to his bride, a few weeks before the wedding. A ring, of course, was impressive, although maybe not as much as that does not rotate with one finger, more in organizing the wedding.

3. The Jews in record time

The truth is that he didn’t have much time to rest in the same back seat. Ivanka and Jared got married just three months after implementation. Had to go to Judaism in order to fulfill the requirements of the religion professed by the family of her husband, and she did. In July 2009 was officially his conversion, and in October a wedding. Always been woman as more effective.

4. 500 guests postín

Now, despite the little time for me to call the suitors were able to gather in Trump National Golf Club, Bedminster (NJ), over 500 guests, which overflowed a famous person. Barbara WaltersRupert Murdoch, Regis Philbin and Anna WintourRussell Crowe, Natalie Portmanexalcalde in the city of new York, Rudy Giuliani, and then the attorney General of the state of new York Andrew Cuomo, was those who don’t want to miss this great event of the trump clan.

Bums, Barbara Walters. (Getty)
Bums, Barbara Walters. (Getty)

With 500 guestsIvan, mother of the bride, only suggested, 14 and the profile that had nothing to do with anything. The wizard, Dorothy, care, David palm beach, people in public relations Catherine Saxton and designer Dennis basso, were just some of them. All very colorful.

5. A Toast To Trump

Trump made a toast architecture type: short, concise and direct: “Be happy and enjoy life“.

Fortunately for Ivanka, these were not only statements concerning the wedding. On the way out, trump told the media: “I am very happy. They are really a pair of beautiful and smart. I think they’re going to hear a lot of good things about them in the next few years.” Did not disappoint. Without a doubt, this marriage is one of the solvents of the United States.

6. Gifts low cost

Your wedding list, put it on Tiffany&Co. A list that even today, 10 years later, is available and that there are still gifts that were never made, as several parts of the same timeless Cutlery made of silver.

However, the list includes articles of all kindsmany of them more affordable, “Six napkin under the device of lapis lazuli (less than $ 5 each) and napkins made of lapis lazuli cotton game (3,95 UAH),” there were several articles that caught the attention of the media is.

7. Great day Barron’s

Ivanka has always been a woman in the family. This was Barron’s, his younger brother, the fruit of the marriage of his father with cheree, mandated to hold together, and especially children from Arras. It was mono… so Now, Yes, if he was able cederle role as a mother.

If something flashed in our eyes, the fire was modelito from cheree: purple Glitter, honestly, the sirens, draped thousands and brightness to the end with brooch in white gold with diamonds… What background? I-more.