?????????? A message from adriana Lima, who is accused of infidelity


He can’t and doesn’t want to be silent. Further and showed it in the summer or your new works Adriana Lima wanted to change, at least of publications, the General tone of the images and messages on Instagram to have the opportunity to speak freely: does not want to play with “true love” (as defined), who lives next door his new friend, the writer bath Metin Harahe stopped to see last time cruise along the coast of Turkey. But what made him angry? The reason is that the press use the photograph next to another person to to argue that this infidelity.

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However, the photo, which publishes in his Instagram makes photos for publications, which provide information that reflects the time in which Angel Victoria’s Secret he embraced and kissed the back because of this other person. However, what you see is not love, but affection, love, good friend. According to the report, which is accompanied by a photo and starts stupid phrase: “Today, I use Instagram as a platform of “truth”.

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Nothing more than false reports of his advances

And the truth is that this mysterious man responds to the name Miltiadis Kastanis and this one so close to the model that is outside the family. “I heard that there are rumors, moving on me and my faithfulness, my love for Meten, and Yes, I say, my love. […] Thus, please, respect for private life, Meten, and for me, don’t stop to create fake Messages. It lasts from the moment in which I Meten, and I started Dating. Please accept the fact that he and I are together happily and love”.



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