Adriana Lima explains why her wedding ring

Adriana Lima again to draw attention to themselves
photographers not because of her beauty, but there is one small detail that caught my
signals of a possible marriage. In Brazil, he took part in Grand Prix Formula
1 in Monaco
where to wear a diamond ring on his right hand, that was not
unnoticed with his gaze.

Adriana Lima made it clear that it is not necessary for the person
to reach your account in Instagram. On the occasion of the rumors about him
married diamond ring which flashed in his right hand in Monaco
the model explained why her engagement ring.

Victoria’s Secret angel more veteran took over
marriage, but in a symbolic form, because his decision to wear this jewelry
all, I encourage you to trust and be happy with yourself.
also perfectly.

Lima joint photo in Instagram in which gesture
silence, he wanted to quiet the rumors, of course, marriage. But what
we noticed, was the message: “What happens to the ring? It is symbolic,
I’m engaged with me and my own happiness. I’m married, with me.
Girls, mutual love to you”.
Thus, the Brazilian model, stopped the rumors
it is, of course, a compromise and made
we call upon all women.