Amber heard kill Instagram


When last month Amber Heard published on your account Instagram own photo to pose with the jacket of the American, leaving open one of its breastmany of his supporters said that the platform would not you should delete it because of its policy against naked women.

What most angered in actress this is what it is castmate in ‘Aquaman‘, Jason Momoa, Onin the action without any problems of the image on which it is supposed to be bare-chested without fear of possible consequences.

Now she wanted to criticize with all the mocking that was able to collect these double standards relating to a body of men and women in the social network to say that it allows you to display it with complete freedom.

“The court is strict and fair rules for the Instagram community that opposed to display the nipples of women, and given that I was only happy for brief privilege enjoyed by their male colleagues, I decided to honor the memory, replacing my photos for others that, Yes, has permission from the strict rules Instagram about nudity and studied gender equality policies,” wrote Amber for illustration, funny Assembly in which he put the face and arms Jason her body in the same way that the company deleted my profile because its too obvious.