“Athlete”, a documentary that talks about the case of more serious sexual abuse in Olympic sports


The training is strict and sexy. For many years. In fact, the nightmare that lived tens of girls, the heroine of one of the most beautiful Olympic sports, rhythmic gymnastics. Those girls that surprise us from the TV screen that four years, able to fly like birds. Documentary Bonnie Cohen, and Schenk Jo (An inconvenient truthAl-Up) Player, takes to rebuild all that had to see the influence of this culture, the left, center, USA Gymnastics. 2015 today, causing open.

Within little more than an hour and a half, the filmmakers spend huge amount of evidence in the structure marked by the pace of investigative journalism. Who led the forward, the editors Indianapolis Starwhen the source and pointed in the direction of the locker rooms. As a kind of version non fiction in Spotlight the film is based on the fact that the development in the paper that he broke up with a complaint and ended five hundred. Hundreds of today who are women, and yesterday these Nanase that dreamed about a gold medal.

Athlete In start with the first applicant, Maggie Nicholscareer rutilante a couple with his partner Simone working days. Your talent will carry far if there wasn’t a message about the abuse more unfair than ” symbols of power in this universe. The doctor Larry Nassar, prohombre close fellowship. So, while the girls took part in the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, was disclosed to the policy of this institution about the fraud: not to inform the authorities and with them as rumors that girls do.

As in the recent Finding Neverland and other documentaries on the violations of minors, the different voices they hear, see, here is another abuse of power which is carried out by prestigious companies. Like in that Michael Jackson, major astro pop-ii, there are organizations in which the parents of these girls think to the point of ” leave it in their hands. For that will lead to rancho texas, processed the marriage Romanian, those of Karolyi, which will not have access. There the girls learn how to exhaustion, even with the injuries and fractures, while Dr. Nassar was good police.

Player replete with evidence, without a filter, openness desarmante. His report of immigration, and travel to the past to understand where does this system of cruelty that the United States, it seems, imported from Romania and the “Communist bloc”. Was to (adult athletes) and after (girls) coronation Nadia Comaneci in 1976 – he explains. And those other girls, on the other side of the curtain of the stainless steel, automatic and sad, goosebumps.

As the cynicism with which the leaders of the Committee of the American “bought” this system. “We knew what it was, and the brutality with which he worked. But we also knew that money, and they wanted to win,” – says Jennifer Sey, the film’s producer and author of the book Chalk Up: My Life in Elite Gymnastics, which the subtitle “in impiadoso gym exercise Olympic”.

The disturbance that leads to the fact that all of this deployment has its climax in the last stage, when some of these women will be designated as “victims”. But do not rush, because Playerdespite the hardness of it, this is an exciting story. The entire task of journalism is well used: spread light, for such systems the distortion out of the darkness which dims.