Blac Chyna did not require assistance to provide their children with a ‘life of luxury’

The celebrity was pleased with myself, once again, that one would suffice and be enough to provide his two sons with all necessary, without the assistance, pensions, alimony from their parents

Blac Chyna did not require assistance to provide their children with a 'life of luxury'

Blac Chyna did not require assistance to provide their children with a ‘life of luxury’

Woman, model and former stripper Blac Chyna, it was clear a week ago that he didn’t need a pension, alimony, to engage in the education of his two sons. This time, their statements were sent to Rob Kardashian -her exprometido and father of her daughter’s Dream – in response to the request, which was presented to the judge who exercises control over observance of conditions of storage it is small, to reduce their monthly payments which pays his ex-wife, claiming that his condition of personnel has decreased significantly in recent years.

In the message, which is distributed through Instagram celebrity didn’t want to make a decision based on economic it is rapper Tyga, the father of her first child, “king” Cairo, but China is not left aside too long.

China once again to rely now on the same platform to say again that if you Dream and King Cairo offers all the comforts of home, this should be only and exclusively in their challenging work, not financial support – according to their version of events – their parents.

“Thus, it is assumed that my children should not lead the same lifestyle that his parents and so on and so forth, right? As a single mother I that holds them and gives them life, and in the long life that they deserve,” said the proud star in the video from the camera using your favorite social network, to assert, as a woman, are solvent and able to combine career and care for their young.

The truth is, just look at your profile on Instagram to make sure that China is not lacking of the professional projects with which the add zeros in his Bank account. In addition, the collaboration in the image quality of different brands such as Fashion Nova and its line of cosmetics, star TV has also recently signed an agreement with the company Whitenicious by Subject to promote your creams whitening properties that in the next few days will be in Nigeria, not caring, it would seem that criticisms that the rain was to advertise a beauty product and lender.