Blac Chyna leaves Rob Kardashian


Complicated history between Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian gave a new turn at the end of this week.

Through your account Snapchat and Instagram, members of the Kardashian clan posted a series of photographs which showed him sad emotional state knowing that your partner Blac Chyna, decided to leave.

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna! and get married!

Reputation sample failure it was published by Rob in the video where it shows the bathroom of his newborn Dream completely empty in addition loud no furniture in some parts of the house.

These publications caused a single a series of memes they showed how Blac Chyna will be a “stole Christmas” family Kardashian in addition, the potential the reaction that Rob him find his house empty.

What is surprising about this story is that Rob decided to show these photos in their social networks, personal to ask China review denied and returned home with her daughter.

However, these publication were not well received in Chinawhat aroused the wrath of the artist, and so he decided to publish it in one of the photos of Rob that ordered him photos, which he published Dream. This is to show that the ex-couple continued communication despite the fact that he left home that he shares.



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