Chiquis Rivera supports with the delivery of food to Hospitals in California | THE IMPARTIAL


Singer Chiquis Rivera shared through your account in Instagram, which was in collaboration with food delivery at a hospital in California, in the middle of a pandemic coronavirus.

In his account on Instagram shared a message about the actions in which they participated. “Give because it feels better than receiving. Thank you @elcaribbean to make it possible! #UnidosSomosMasFuerte I love that feeling, make you smile other. Thanks to all who take risks every day of our well being. You are appreciated! Sure! thank you!! (We will show our children how important it is to lend a helping hand. This is the only way to keep forever. God wants to!”.

Has shared a video of almost 2 minutes where the premises of restaurants where prepared food and explained that it was with the support of Chiquis Rivera and her husband Lorenzo Mendez for doctors and nurses at Pomona Valley Hospital.

Their support was more than 200 thousand hits, your account on Instagram, and perform numerous messages of thanks and congratulations for the work done.

“There is still love in man , you set the example of your mother, she did a lot of things like the Lord God bless you”, “You’re an amazing person, God bless you, my QUEEN!”, “this is a great example to follow”.

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