Gabriel Soto explains that even Irina in Instagram | IMPARTIAL


Then to announce himself that Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva has ceased to monitor Instagram, and it questioned his novel, the actor, who decided to put an end to the speculation.

During a meeting with the press, the hero’s Single with her Daughters fought the rumors and explained: “of Course not, that’s not true, Yes we are.”

“I did up date (update) my passwords like a button, something there, but we’re going next. We can’t, why not follow us, and if we don’t go on Instagram, not sent anything, we on all sides”, he added.

Then, Ivanov stressed that the fact that the couple should not be on social networks doesn’t mean anything, “I what I say is “Instagram, we see the realities not know’.

What we Instagram or social networks is only part of what he wants to see in life and private life and of personal, that’s different, very different. If you continue or not, if not comment or not comment on, absolutely nothing happens that matters, it’s what happens in relationships.”

Thus, Gabriel continues to reaffirm his love to Irina, who himself said he was very in love with and that does not exclude to marry.

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