Health problems Hilaria Baldwin after the birth of her fourth child


Although the emergence of a new family member is always synonym of happiness, it is certainly true that Hilaria Baldwin I had to live so bitter, because dealing with the negative health effects what’s stopping you to enjoy all that the wants of your child.

Woman, Alec Baldwin has shown up on your account Instagram he lived about week full of UPS and downs the result pneumonia what was done in the form of powder and alone.

Despite the fact that warns about the fact that his family, as usual, healthy, lighten your social network: “I was diagnosed with pneumoniaRafa and Leo have the flu and Carmen came home with redness College.” But adds that, fortunately, Benjamin fine: “we All recuperándonos, and fortunately, Romeo is Supersano”.

It’s been quite an adventurous week with highs and well…Romeo was born last Thursday and is a complete joy…however, I was also diagnosed with pneumonia, Coral and Leo with the flu, Carmen came home from school with pink eye. Tumultuous to say the least, and for a family that rarely gets sick, definitely a foreign experience. We are all on the mend, and fortunately, so far, Romeo is super healthy. It’s been tough getting our new family of 6-oriented with all of the necessary quarantining. The recovery from birth, the beginnings of recognized, again, the sleepless nights taking care of sick kids, doctor visits my own health…I just keep on saying “we got this”…. I definitely have had my stressed out moments and have had to practice, lots of breathing and perspective, trying to stay as calm and positive as possible. I’m looking forward to renewed health for my family, and one day, to look back and have a little laugh. #WeGotThis2018

The publication of the General Hilaria Thomas Baldwin (@hilariabaldwin)

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