I Eiza González comes on Netflix! | IMPARTIAL

HERMOSILLO, ARE.- I Eiza Gonzalez arrived on Netflix! Or at least he did it with the premiere of the film “Baby Driver” (2017), which is Dating Lily James, Ansel Elgort, and Edgar Wright.

To celebrate this event, the fans Mexican actress, with which I agree, and that to achieve EIZA NETFLIX is trending on Twitter, and celebrated one of the projects of the artist, in the end, it becomes known platform streaming.

“Here, hoping that it is available baby driver, yaaa @NetflixLAT EIZA ON NETFLIX,” wrote user @marioLMC_.

“The plot is very good:” Baby Driver ” and participation @eizamusica boom! EIZA ON NETFLIX,” commented @JonathanOrhn.

“I apoyare in from Spain Eiza EIZA ON NETFLIX” appeared @pagecvillalobos.

“Baby Driver” received two nominations for “Oscar” in 2018, and won the BAFTA for “Best editing”.

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