It’s a serum, night that all the stars use (and you too)


If you put on one side the weights are lazy, they give us some skin care and other their results, without a doubt, beauty treatments, evening in desequilibrarían with its many benefits, our skin. Put one night to do everything right and the next morning renewed the skin and compensates for these 5 minutes, the serum, toner, mask or oil before bed.

It seems that they leaders and stars of world levelthis , they know how the rest of the world, because it is one of the cosmetic bestsellers from Sephora. Almost no to to be in the “top selling” and its history, comes from afar. All use the same serum in the evening, and the results of feelings seems to be the best guarantor.

Moisture, lighting and, most importantly, prevention of the first signs of age. In cocktail benefit the ideal of hiding in one of the all the bestsellers Estee Lauder, Advanced Night Repair, what happened cosmetic is the most popular among leaders and models for the country and international. Karlie Kloss, the brand image for several years, once said that living days maratonianas uses a potion in the evening to moisturize the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

In an interview with Look.that.UK Kendall Jenner claims that their ritual-a beautiful night has never been masked version of the product: “It superhidratante and restores the brightness of skin,” he admitted. This is the secret to her perfect skin every time she boards a plane. Anything from makeup, just good hydration.

Nuria ROCA or Noelia Garmendia are among the famous who have admitted to using “magic” serum in a recent Estee Lauder campaign. Leading met through a friend, which is always used, and her skin was bright and highly recommended. And that is whey is an old acquaintance of beauty. Was released in 1982 and since there was no competition.

Now it seems that the last seducidas their results leaders. Alexandra Pereira, also known as Lovely Pepa, Maria Fernandez Rubies, Grace Villarreal not matches, to share the trick to dawn best. Galicia even came to I’ll post some pictures during your honeymoonalthough it seems that the millennial society is made the serum is the best ally for their long trips in the plane for more than that as a treatment at night.

How to use it

  • Clears all in the face that there are no residues.
  • Release a few drops on the hands. Click on the dispenser a few times, is sufficient.
  • Heat the product in your hands.
  • Apply the serum on face and neck with a soft load, from inside to outside.
  • Let your skin absorb the product.