Justin Bieber comparison with the Sprouse brothers… Barbara Palvin said

Justin Bieber took to social networks a few days ago to share with their millions of fans comparison have taken the photo, when he was a child, along with other well-known brothers Sprouse. And although none of them gave comment that Yes, what he did was Barbara Palvin.

Model will not go unnoticed publication Justin and left a comment that surprised many, it is very likely that he is the Bieber. “Nobody like the Sprouse brothers”. It is clear that Astro pop is not answered in the opinion of Barbara, but she proved that no one is quite top to compare with my fiance and brother.

On the other hand, many have proposed in the past, about a possible connection between Justin Bieber and Hollywood actor, Ryan Gosling and recently, the singer wanted to confirm. Through your account in Instagram posted a picture of his family tree, to unravel the relationship with the other popular canadian.

Avril Lavigne, which is now, as you know, Justin Bieber has a relationship
blood. The singer, who is going to walk down the aisle hand in hand Hayley
Baldwin didn’t stop to turn to your own business family tree. What
will be looking for?

In accordance with
the image shared to Justin as he, Avril and Ryan come relationship
the love that existed between This Roy and Marguerite Biré many years ago, and that
makes them distant relatives. Even the relationship more ancient times it
you have with Ryan instead of Avril.

Justin Bieber again took social media to Express their feelings from millions of his fans. This Monday, September 2, astro of Canada has recognized in a sincere post that was shared on his official page in Instagram, where he talked about how lidió of fame at such a young age, drug abuse and violence in relationships. “I was outraged, it was rough with women”, rushed forward.

in recent months, social networks have become a window perfect for
the singer in the time to reach out to their followers. “You saw what happened
a lot of money, clothes, cars, praise, wins awards and still
unhappy. Are they to date statistics stars for the care of children and
what is the impact on their lives? Crazy pressure and responsibility for entering
the guy brain, your emotions, frontal lobe (in the making
of the decision) still has not been developed”, he began.