Kanye West Kim Kardashian praises becoming officially multimollonaria (as Kylie and himself)

Rapper Kanye West returned to some time in the social network Twitter to get rid of adulation towards his wife and mother of their four children, star TV Kim Kardashian. Although controversial musician, of course, already donated the same compliments at his home in Los Angeles, I have no doubt that this tribute to the public will remain as designer and entrepreneur, very excited.

And this is the reason, not less, because this week, TV star officially became “billonaria” (one million rubles) and thus exceeded the new personal brand in the context of economic and cultural development. In addition, Kim Kardashian joins the selected club that are part of his younger sister Kylie Jenner and Kanye himself.

For those who have something skeptics in relation to the skills, personalities in business, Astro the music you want to emphasize in your letter, the skill with which his wife was able to go through all the “storms ” raging” that touched life, his determination, consistency and discipline that the job requires, and, of course, the fact that God gave her family and she herself a “special light”.