Kylie Jenner and her bright office with letters, neon signs, and a bathroom for Stormi

Kylie Jenner has a great lifestyle, and all I got from your work and effort, because this is one of the celebrities more money with their cosmetic company.

Recently, a woman showed some of his bright office, which has the disadvantages of minimalist and surprisingly, dominated by pink.


And last year, had a tour where we stopped to see the lobby where his name is written in letters, neon pink, and more entertainment in a huge decoration on wall devoted to boxes of makeup colors that form the walls of the aberrations is impressive.


In fact, she’s been photographed in this place many times because it is jewelry that is already affected.

It also has many offices in the hall, where the chairs are very comfortable, decorated with the material of the blanket.


Your office is a large, black Desk and bathroom her daughter Stormi, where there is a crib, toys, pictures, small, and mini-table with chairs.


In addition, it offers an impressive shower of pink marble, and sisters love him and used to take the picture there.

Of course, there are pictures of her from all sides, in all the magazines, in which he came, and his sister too, and all collections that have been released.

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