Kylie Jenner once again look to change the look of the corset


Kylie Jenner has done it again: they have changed its appearance and showed in their networks, not to wear more than a corset. Less than a week ago compartíó of his successors (which already add up to 183 mln) new blonde hair platinado posing corset from the Italian brand Gucci, with films and crystals.

Of course, in order to repeat the number of likes, a beautiful woman with a young and wealthy planet, and showed that even a few hours in a different, new appearance and a corset to match. So, Kylie now hair pink, but the photo appears a bra of the same color (despite the fact that the cover because it is transparent). “Can you guess my favorite color,” wrote in posteo Benjamin clan Kardashian Jenner.

Color The rose in her hair, becoming one of the favourite celebridades: with Lady Gaga in Dua Lipa we chose this color as the main role in the network.

You can animarías this color on your head?

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