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After the armed attacks that were injured while traveling on Paseo de la Reforma, Omar Garcia HarfuchThe Minister of Public Security of Mexico and has held several national press flat, because in addition to his work in politics, is also relevant to the middle of show business because his mother, Maria Sorteis one of the most respected Actresses in the country.


When a prominent official was a kid, there were a few shares in the stars as in “soap Opera”, as well as in the interiors, the magazines they have mom as the main star. Thanks for some photos Maria Sorte shared in social networks, we can see Omar Garcia accompanied by his brother for some beautiful photos.

Maria Sorte children Omar Garcia

(Facebook: Maria Sorte Official)

In addition, other publications, gave to BA, who Omar Garcia Harfuch part melodrama “Abandoned” next to his mother and actor josé Alonso and the art of “a Christmas story”.

Actress Harfuch Maria Hidalgo (Maria Sorte) married Javier Garcia Paniaguawho was the President from the Institutional Revolutionary Party in the 80-ies. Nevertheless, is a widow in 1998 when her husband had a heart attack.

In a few interviews that Maria Sorte gave television programs, admitted how hard it was to be alone with two children, but life gives us reason to not feel bad, because in the moment, happy grandmother.

“And then, ZAZ!, my two children 20 years… well, I’ve still not ?????????? 20 years ago, when he was the Pope, and then the other as well, and it seems to be padrísimo, because they are children, beautiful, large, says he’s sorry to leave his daughter, because people are watching it’s rare that You go girl” he said Maria Sorte program Capital21. See also: It-Omar Garcia Harfuch, Secretary of the Security CDMX

maria drawing children

(Facebook: Maria Sorte Official)

In their speeches, Maria Sorte affected to be, the man is very spiritual and full of faith, loves his family and is proud of its role as a mom. “I’m a Christian, and suddenly giving me the opportunity to share the gospel,” says Alix Bauer. “As I went through difficult moments in my life,” said the actress.

At the same time, the Prime Minister, Claudia Sheinbaum, showed that Omar Garcia Harfuch can get back to work starting next week. See also: Maria Sorte breaks the silence, and appreciate the support after the attack his son Omar Garcia Harfuch