Naomi Campbell is her makeup

Show business

Model Naomi Campbell used his last interview to British Vogue to encourage their students to experiment and “play” with her makeup, not more restrictions than common sense and not just blindly model more classic of their use.

According to star, legend and runways, that in these matters more than a rich and instructive experience, he also assured that some trends, makeup the most important in our day were born, flashing only improvisation.

Mannequin, which has already made it clear that he will not return to the “old standards” when they abolished mandatory detention, because he was afraid, and microbes, and also showed that lipstick religious every day using, as usual, his charming carmine red passion, in order to introduce procedures and basic feel, facing each day with enthusiasm and vitality.

Of course, the eating plan has not made another thing that to win, the value in the daily life of Naomi Campbell in these days of crisis in health care. In fact, an artist of the English language is taking place these days on a diet completely “clean” and vegetarian dishes to increase the intake of vitamins and other important nutrients to strengthen the defense. For your new meal plan is your personal chef Sean John, a chef originally from Jamaica, who for over a decade, and model.