Not so fast! It is the speed limit for ‘The Flash’


Each new season, a series of ” Sprinter scarlet says that should be even faster, so that in each new version that exceeds its limits, but there must come a time when we find out the maximum speed of Flash memory.

The production of ‘The Flash’, it seems that set the speed limit of the character, played by Grant Gustinthat for a long time been a subject of discussion, but that’s not what was written on the stone.

After receiving his permission metahumanos in the episode pilot series in 2014, Barry Allen fought a lot to train their skills and develop their ability to work at high speed, which led to meeting face-to-face with kryptonianos.

With the help of his friends at S. T. A. R. Labs and advice from other sprinters, Barry could become human, to live a more quick option.

Tasks that character has faced in the course of the series is forced to reach new boundaries Barry dealt with sprinters that can beat it easily at the timeas Reverse-Flash and Zoom, but the Flash managed to overcome them and defeat them all.


The following lines contain information about the sixth season of ‘The Flash’, so if you have not seen it is better to leave the reading up to this point.

Not so fast! It is the speed limit for 'The Flash' giphy

In the second episode of the sixth season titled “A Flash of Lightning’, computer Flash with metahumano, which emits ultraviolet lightbecause Barry has difficulties to cope with their rights because of how quickly they their attacks.

The reason for this was revealed later, claiming that UV light is “80 times faster than the maximum speed of Barry.

When you consider that all the rays, electromagnetic traveling at 186 thousand miles per second, which is just under 300 thousand kilometers per second, Barry must be about recognized 2 325 kilometers per second, approximately 3.74 kilometers per second.

This figure has not been confirmed, the problem with this idea is that at the premiere of the sixth season of ‘The Flash’ Barry, the speed has increased enough to leave a black hole, something that should be required, which exceeds the speed of light.

Then, despite some inconsistencies, it is clear that Barry has come far in six seasons. In the second season it was said that the maximum speed Barry was 2.532 kilometers per second, which is 4 km away, which means that the speed of Barry for four seasons.

As fast as Barry is now, it may not be the end because new enemies and obstacles created by Barry, in situations where you have to run even faster, so it’s possible that the maximum speed, Flash still can break so much effort and training.

Not so fast! It is the speed limit for 'The Flash' giphy

After all, in the comics version of Barry Allen, you have a variety of levels over his colleague from the television, so no space for growth.

This growth may be necessary especially with the advent of ‘Crisis on Infinite album’, given that the Monitor insists that the victim need Barry to save the multiverse, so that there may come a time that Barry, the volume of new goals.



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