Omar Ayuso seen to let him go on vacation in Tenerife | Big bang


Due to its role in Elite, Omar Ayuso we can assume that one of the people, the youth, the most pressing at the moment. The actor not only got millions of people in Instagram, also fell in love with Anna in his video I swear.

This week we will be able to see some of the photographs he made of his son, but also what is happening in Tenerife. The actor was there and shared some moments that lived on the island.

In fact, we could see sports a typical photo of a tourist with the letters in Tenerife, and dolphins. The image, Omar wrote the following sentence, with reference to these tourist t-shirt that is wide popularity in the nineties: “Someone who loves you, you brought this t-shirt Tenerife”.

But this is not the only way, who shared the boy stay in the Canary Islands. It seems that the heat has led to the fact that the white tee was completed in the mind of the actor. In the last photo that was shared Ayuso in your account, we can see completely naked, sitting on the stone and my clothes and my image in the hat.

“I don’t want to go”, wrote Omar the picture. And it seems that the island has something that catches. And who is not?

How could we learn about their history, Instagram, Omar shared a few days to relax with friends on the island. Made the route beautiful beaches on the island, and they were singing with a guitar.

Of course, Omar will start to rotate the fifth season of the Elite, very quickly, going back to work.