Photos of Carmen Garcia Isa-Vegas enloqueció network

Issa-Vegas Patricia Garcia caused a buzz on social media, posting photos during the program ” Today

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It seems that the war between Yanet Garcia and Issa-Vegas earn networks that want to reach the end. Two conducting program Today called crazy photo strips, which produced the model for Argentina on social networks note left his mouth in surprise all his followers.

Issa-Vegas decided to drown out the war that was supposed to win Yanet Garcia from photos, to celebrate the birthday Girl from the Weather. Model of Argentina rose to his stories in Instagram the card in the direction of Mexico, which both look amazing clothing, sports.

“Congratulations, I love you,” he wrote Issa-Vegas in the image shared with Alfonso Garcia. A pointer to the model of Argentina has led to the madness, because everything was given as the winner in the war for the conquest of the network and force everyone to forget the Girl Climate.

Now everything has calmed down, between Issa-Vegas and Yanet Garciabut many even suggest that the model is already higher than Mexico. Despite the fact that to stop wars and rumours that the Girl Climate will leave the program Today, and that Argentina will have its own key still in force.