Photos of original youth Luis Miguel: “Donkey” van Rankin about showed


Luis Miguel and
Luis Miguel and “Donkey”, when they can return to their (Instagram)

For to congratulate Luis Miguel for 50 yearsleading Jorge “Donkey” Van Rankin he shared on his account in Instagram one the both of them.

This Sunday April 19, “The sun” came half a century, and, as expected, it has become a trend in social networks Mexico.

Van Rankin, an integral part of the program Today Televisa, I couldn’t miss the point, and congratulated his friend.

The jackass grew up in Instagram a photograph in which Luis Miguel appeared, smiling, next to the speaker.

Photo youth
Photo youth “Ass” van Rankin and Luis Miguel (GI: burrovan)

“Greetings For Mom! 50 years, pásala little mac!!!”– wrote van Rankin to accompany the publication, which took place in their followers.

This is not the first time that “Donkey” just some photos, original for his years of friendship with the “Sun”.

In March of last year grew by another image in which she posed with the other men in the pool.

(Photo: Instagram @burrovan)
(Photo: Instagram @burrovan)

“The real heroes, Luis Miguel”– wrote van Rankin about photography and in connection with a series of the famous singer, where he portrayed his everyday life with his group of friends.

Holiday Luis Miguel

Because of the epidemic of coronavirus, according to the magazine Hello!, Luis Miguel did not think to carry out some special celebration.

“Celebrates a lonely birthday in closed systems, on his yacht in Miami far with Molly, his family and his friends“this, said the journal in its last issue.

Friendship Luis Miguel and “Donkey”

Several times van Rankin said of how closely he was also at one time, but so sharply that ended their friendship.

Jorge van Rankin and Omar Germenos in
Jorge van Rankin and Omar Germenos in” When the warm Sun” (Video on YouTube)

In an interview for the “open heart”, “Today”, she remembered how she met Luis Miguel in the 80-ies.

It was during his stay in Ixtapa, who invited Federico in Madrid (the son of the then President of Mexico Miguel de La Madrid).

“I played with Luis Miguel in the bathroom and me very well… I frecuentarlo get out of the way with him…I played with Luis Miguel in the bathroom and me very well… What he missed was the person who accompanied him that, as an accomplice“.

Van Rankin recalled her history with Luis Miguel (Shooting TV)
Van Rankin recalled her history with Luis Miguel (Shooting TV)

But their friendship ended that day, who decided to make a joke of the Manager, Luis Miguel, as a few hours later the singer was reported to be furious with him, to remind, shouting: “Your bromitas… do not mess with me”.

Van Rankin replied: “Hey, I’m your friend Ah. Not your employee and not your lover, I’m your friend. And I will never do to be bad, ever, and you know that I love you. And it is not necessary that you hit mier** in the head, and not scream”. We can hang we allow ourselves to say, 22 years.”

Their meeting took place, when it was suspended a series of Luis Miguel and Miguel German Magnani, a friend and one of the producers invited him to participate in a cameo.

Van Rankin appeared in a cameo in the series Luismi. Here with Toño Mauri and Alexander Basteri
Van Rankin appeared in a cameo in the series Luismi. Here with Toño Mauri and Alexander Basteri

“To hold there for two minutes… hold real, sincere, and I said to him: ‘why? What would you do? We were dying with laughter,” reminded van Rankin about when they saw each other.

“I was excited, I’m an honest person, so I was excited because it cuate, and I admire the way he sings, it cuate that it was my brother’s soul, knows a lot about me, and I in him”, he added in an interview.

In an interview, the last “Jackass” showed how he sought women, Luis Miguel after the concerts.

“I gave my gafete all access in Argentina and I was like the King Pele, he said, will help you to organize your several chavas, then, here at the hotel, and I said, ‘look, pendej* I can’t flirt and sing. You brought one gafete all access”, he said gaily, van Rankin in Members into the Air.


50 years Luis Miguel: only in closed systems on the boat, and his family

“Donkey” van Rankin showed how sought women, Luis Miguel after the show



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