Review Carmen Garcia photos Isa Vegas in a bikini

Model still conquisando network, and now was Maria Garcia, fell rendida in the last index, which is shared by Argentina

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On the ground floor everything is okay between Yanet Garcia and Issa-Vegas. After several weeks of rumors of a possible open war between them, in the end, develop into a good friendship. Girl, Climate, and the model has already shared the card together and now were review from Mexico to the index bikini shared with Argentina in the network.

Issa-Vegas blew up the social network with a striking photo in a little red bikini. Model a fitness club could not remain unnoticed by his followers, who quickly appreciated his great figure, thousands of comments and likes. But the most memorable event was the message that he left Yanet Garcia.

The girl, the Climate could not leave review how well she looks in bikini red. Yanet Garcia responded to this photo Issa-Vegas with emojis of fire, referring to the fact that Lucy hot Argentina on the beach.

Another little picture that makes us realize that Yanet Garcia and Issa-Vegas kept all roughness and together I think to deny every in the social networking with photos, but not shocking.