Ricky Martin gives the Cathedral in Instagram: the fact that he kisses her in quarantine!

Ricky Martin not cease to be a novelty and that in each publication that makes in social networks, creating a flurry of reactions among his fans, and even public opinion. In fact, his last cards on the occasion of the Gay pride parade has also become the focus of the media is sensational. It turns out that this Sunday gave him a professorship in Instagram will be very affectionate with her husband Jwan Yosef but we were kissing with the mask!

In the young graph you can see how it looks boricua mask to get closer to his partner, who is also the West and includes the neck. Greeting card with a beautiful kiss touched the fibers of his followers, during the pandemic for Covid-19 many couples were forced to split to observe the rules of hygiene and prevention, which was signed by authorities in the field of health for several months. In addition, those who live together, like Ricky and Joseph and has also taken a number of measures to show their love publicly.

And the fact that he kisses her quarantine! After this explosive photography, artistic, 48 years old, received a flurry of comments. Among the most said: “two Beautiful” “love is always good”, “they’re always happy! Embrace” and “Why is love so pure and real.” Although in the publication, both look very happy, it should be recalled that recently the interpreter, “good-Bye” and “mordidita” confirmed that she had problems with her husband because the request was changed, and since then began differences.

Ricky Martin for his pride

Sunday, June 28, took place in the world Gay pride parade. And a new initiative called ” can’t Cancel Pride (can’t give up pride) Ricky Martin, Katy Perry, Karl Morrison and Cara Delevingne gathered for this important event virtual honor such an important date. So at the concert, the musician left the following comments: “these men and women are incredibly strong, who fought for us, long before us. Today, my music and my thoughts are only for them. Where are they, I want.”

In addition, out of the legendary gang Often also first shown an important decision that was adopted by the court in the US against employees of homosexuals: “the U.S. Supreme Court made a historic victory for the rights of #LGBT community, stating that this was illegally fired because of sexual orientation or gender identity. #pride #social Justice #equality #equalityforall #shotoniphone”.