Scarf, summer collection, Louis Vuitton and Alex Israel


One of the most famous works of the artist Alex Israel it Wavethe image that represents the sea waves in different color combinations. The product that go beyond pop art to become a part of fashion. The Creator wanted his job is more recognizable was the hero of one of the shawls, which were designed to Louis Vuitton. In addition, this updated classic a silk handkerchief, which, on the one hand, the rates for this wave pattern, pattern almohadillada, and with another-shows icons monogram signature collection, consisting of eight parts– includes scarves, blankets and bando, only a limited edition.

All checks feature, on the other-his most famous works Sky Backdropwith the aid of modern technology of digital printing, and Bando pattern Attraction”a scene in a desert, with cacti and made from bronze sculpture 2015, artist. Model Karlie Kloss instructed to look all the details of this connection in the campaign that it is a collection of (and photos of her wrapped in a blanket, or wearing a headscarf, causing a desire).

This collection adds a long list the creative talents with which you were working Vuitton in her collections of fabrics. After legends creative as the Sun Levitte, James Rosenquist, Andre Putman, Takashi Murakami, Richard Prince, Stephen Sprouse or Yayoi Kusama, Alex Israel becomes the latest artist to provide the talent maison luxury desdibujando the boundaries between art and shopping.

Israel, who has previously collaborated with the company, creating a bag ArtyCapucines (embossed also with his work Wave), I want to note at this time that it was difficult for her to find a new audience to his work and descontextualizar his work and places it in a new place. Los Angeles plays an important role in everything we do. “This is the place where people come to invent and where anything is possible. Even if not all in accordance with the American dream, Los Angeles is a site on which there is a real possibility that will happen, and it empoderador”. Now this universe is totally US reconnect with the French elegance of the historic signing.

Tissue collection Louis Vuitton Alex Israel is already available in the shops.



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