Show: Kendall Jenner: Blac Chyna anger a lot of ‘plagiarism’ a la mode

Some of the fans of that model Kendall Jenner is more than crazy for the publication to make Blac Chyna on his account on Instagram. The reason for the hype is that the Muse is 21 years old, became a victim of plagiarism.

It tells Hollywood Life, the brunette put a few photos in Saint Lucia Polo in white color with the chart is very revealing in terms of the breast: breast painting. That was enough to ‘locate’ fans Kendall Jenner.

The issue here is that, as noted by the United States environmental beauty, from the podium used the same outfit a few months ago. How could it be otherwise Kendall Jenner shared this image Instagram this is the first time.

Is there any PLAGIARISM?
As mentioned in the first paragraph, the followers of the integral of ‘Clan’, which, interestingly, was his chance Blac Chyna being with Robert Kardashian, unhappy. And what they think Kendall Jenner he was a victim of the forces, colleagues.

In the comments of the post Blac Chyna in Instagram you can read not a few mentions about, which was denied fans in the room. They claim that their idol just coincided with Kendall Jenner taste in clothes.

It should be noted in this context that Polo, who used models obvious reference to the feminist movement Free The Nipple. Kendall Jenner showed their support for this matter repeatedly, leaving to see her Breasts without a bra on the catwalk or on the streets.