Table high performance that Selena Gomez and adriana Lima in General



If you are looking for something that they have in common Selena Gomez and adriana Lima, we can say that both of these definitions is #WomanPower and are the best at what they do.

You’ll be a pop star or a supermodel, to spend many hours in rehearsal, the choreography, or in accordance with your workouts is the part of the program, so it is no surprise to us, having something more in common: desktop-high performance Lqd Cell Break PUMA.

A few months ago, the brand presented their latest innovations in Slippers training Lqd Cell Shatterintroducing a former “angel” Victoria’s Secret, as the face of the campaign.


Why are they so special?

All sweater, high top sneakers there is technology, lqd Cell system lightweight cushioning which provides high stability and better impact absorptionwhile remaining simple and stable during exercise.

In addition, the combination of white with hints of neon orange and green match colored and unique, each style sports.


Now the interpreter of wolves joined adriana Lima as the Ambassador of the line presentation PUMA Cell lqd Break Mirrors. This new model in black color with pops of color how brilliant that makes it much more bold than the original design.

“We always have to feel safe to be in the fitness center or any other place. PUMA has always been at the forefront, breaking barriers, and that’s another reason I love new sweater, high top sneakers“. Was that Gomez spoke about his new court Favorite.

But tell you a secret, you don’t need to be a high class athlete to use them. If you are like me and will not give in sports, but I love going to the gym (thanks for the normalization of court office) will be a great addition to any outfit.

If you already fell in love with them as we are, we have good news: you can buy them on Amazon, Dportenis, Liverpool, Palace of Iron, Innovasport, Netshoes, shop PUMA, TAF and STRAX for $2,299.00 MXN.



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