The performance of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez of the class of 2020

Powerful performance of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez students in new YORK

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Powerful performance of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez students in new YORK

News from the world of entertainment starts today with a powerful speech that was made by Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez in a virtual event where graduated thousands of students from schools of new York public.

In addition, the controversial vacation Carolina Sandoval family in the middle of a pandemic coronavirus, the first clean-shaven son Leticia Calderon and Lorenzo Ménde message on Chiquis Rivera, which makes us think about reconciliation, do the owners of this Wednesday.

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1.Jennifer Lopez and Alex give a powerful speech at the ball 2020 in NEW York

Jennifer Lopez and her fiance Alex Rodriguez, began on Tuesday evening in the best gift you can give to thousands of students from public schools in new York, which was supposed to end up, practically, because of the pandemic on the coronavirus.

Singer and expelotero, gave a speech in honor of the class of 2020, the “Big Apple”, and there, in addition to congratulate the new graduates were reminded of the importance to be active in society is changing.

“We know they have worked very hard to get here, and what family, friends and teachers should be very proud that young people in these who have become. They know we had our UPS and downs but still we will fight, fight,” said the singer, while the former star of “the Yankees,” he stressed the importance of “working together as a team.”

“Does not measure how many times you fall, but how many times can you defer to his feet. Baseball has taught me well. This is a challenging game. If you fail seven times out of 10, you will find in Cooperstown. So, in the Hall of Fame. It’s the same in business, same in education, it’s the same in life, and I’m here to tell you today that you’ll fall, but I did. If Jen and I if we surrendered, there would not be today here … nothing like youth and energy, and the both of you. So jump over the fences, and we’ll enjoy.”

2. Carolina Sandoval in the vicinity of their home during a pandemic

After they will spend more than three months, a prisoner in his home in Miami, because of the crisis COVID-19, Carolina Sandoval decided to say goodbye to quarantine and given a vacation in Paradise that he had earned thousands of criticism.

Leading TV program “Let the soup already recorded a few days that we were on holiday “somewhere In the world” and not “shares” all kinds of photos and videos in the company of his two daughters, the mother and her husband, which shows that something is happening, dear.

“God, thank you for agreeing to this so long. Here, breathing a bit of normality in this new world with my,” was one of those messages that the Toxic shared in his Instagram, enjoying the beach, sun and sand.

3. Lorenzo Mendez sends a message of love Chiquis

For anybody not a secret that Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Mendez is experiencing a strong crisis with a double bed, and although the singer assured that, in the end, she decides if he returns or not with her husband, the singer seemed to send a text message of love in your life.

The translator has used that June 30 marks the first anniversary of their wedding with the daughter of Jenny Rivera, as well as a clear message for his wife, and hung on his Instagram photos on the wedding day, which was accompanied by a message.

“What a year of growth, maturity, high and low…life is not perfect, but your will, it’s true. Love is the greatest gift. Despite the fact that in a break my heart will always follow that beats for you and always will be escogiéndote for you, as it was a year ago.”

4. Julian Gil against attacks and accuses Marjorie de Souza

Under the heading, “God will forgive you”, the video from which the actor Julian Gil replied to a message that Marjorie de Souza require termination of parental rights, about his son Eugene, still viralizándose in the network. There, the Argentine rejected him exmujer and denied that was his little deslindado.

“The first person that Mathias had ever seen in his life, after the doctor I (…) the only thing that I did it to be with my son. I, my son, or from day one what they did to separate themselves from Mathias?”, said very distressed and upset by the press through a video in his Instagram.

“What visits there are being implemented for false accusations. Always deployed, for false accusations. There began things. There were cases that she [Marjorie de Sousa] was fulfilled,” he said at the actor, accusing full actress. “It is a pity that no one, no one can see his son in the center of the festivals, which are centres created and made for people and for children who actually [tienen] problems in the family, because the Lord is involuntary, or because the Lord takes drugs, Yes, but I won’t.”

5. Leticia Calderon teaches his son Luciano to shave

Leticia Calderon returned to touch in social networks, and this time I did after sharing a video in which he taught his young son Luciano, who has down syndrome, how to shave, as part of his lessons, to make that teenager of 16 years, standing by itself.

The protagonist of the telenovela “Esmeralda”, hung the clip in your Instagram where you can see how, step by step, explains Luciano, how to shave, and the child puts it into practice.

“We do not put the match Creampie first, you have to be very careful with the razor, because short,” explained the Mexican, his son, who, despite being nervous and excited to have finally made my first with a shaved head.