This Instagram account gaining that model Victoria’s Secret became more hypnotic


What model Victoria’s Secretrepresentatives of the Canon of beauty is almost perfect, could be even more beautiful, it seems impossible. But the Instagram account has made (digital) in real time. How? Creating photo montages in which the mixture, and two of the best features of each girl. According to candice Swanpoel from the mouth of Bella Hadid, eyes Elsa Hosk freckles with adriana Lima or mane out of the mouth of the first some combinations that instagramer @morphy_me tried. And the result is always greater than the harmonic.

In order to get that all mixes work, @morphy_me that also unite in the face of the actors and singers in your profile only follows the rule: observe symmetry. Never mix half of the face of the model with another but has its own characteristics, complete each of them, whether it be eyes, lips, nose and cheekbones. Thus preserved symmetry, which can boast of Victoria’s Secret and you will get the result is hypnotic in accordance with this basic principle of classical beauty.

Adriana Lima + Elsa Hosk

Candice Swanpoel + Bella Hadid

Adriana Lima + Sara Sampaio

Candice Swanpoel + Gigi Hadid

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley + Doutzen Croesus

Irina Shayk + Adriana Lima

Gigi Hadid + Bella Hadid

Elsa Hosk + Jasmine Tookes

Candice Swanpoel + Adriana Lima



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